2018 Maruti Suzuki Celerio Overview


Maruti Celerio is only a good option for buyers for the first time, but also for others in the sub 5L range.

Cabin Space: Ritz and cabin space similar to 5 people can be comfortably seated.

Fuel Capacity: I have been able to get an average profit of 23 KMPL on the highway and an average of 20 KMPLs on city roads.

Features: The top end version comes with the comfort of all the creatures, which would expect aircon, power windows, power steering, power break etc. in this price segment. It also has security features like dual airbags and ABS. The top end includes driver seat height adjustment and steering adjustment.

Maintenance: This is where no other company comes near Maruti Suzuki. Maintenance is not so expensive and parts are readily available. There are lots of people spread across Maruti Suzuki service stations across the country.

Engine: The best part about the engine is its subtleness. As a few answers, the engine is not really weak. In the range of 2k-3k RPM the engine churns more than enough power. The car can grow up to 160 KMPH without any problem. It is stable at high speeds.

Design: I personally liked the design but opinions can vary.

Create quality: quality of construction is overall. Cost cutting is clearly seen by low quality bumpers which are easily distorted.

Altogether, the car is sufficient if it is in line with your budget. If you want more power then you can consider moving fast. And that’s how efficient it is.

PS: When you check via the traditional full tank to full tank method, you get a difference of upto 1.5 KMPL on the average which in my case would still mean I get 22 KMPL. Quite good for a petrol car.


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